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Karen Zimmermann (2015)

FIFTY-TWO (52) Karen Zimmermann (2015)

Fifty-two (52) is a book created to define Karen Zimmermann's identity through places, people, personal and historical events within a book structure. On the day and year of her fifty-second birthday, she found herself with a group of friends exploring Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty near Salt Lake City, Utah. Each of the group made a pact to make a book that referenced the experience. Karen decided that the book would be about where she was –and where she had been on her 52nd birthday. She also reflected on the significance of the number (52) and its implications. It is a narrative as the book is sequenced through the fifty-two years of her life. All family lineage is broken and the percents are touched upon as her daughter could be 52/48% Caucasian/Nuxalk (a North West Canadian Aboriginal group). This measuring, like counting, is abstract. How she dealt with the subject is through an abstract visual narrative using collage, which on many levels, is also a metaphor for so many countless things. 

Digitally printed on archival paper, with silver metallic foil-stamped title. 60 pages. The book is in an edition of 52 copies (not numbered) and available from Spaceheater Editions or Vamp & Tramp Booksellers for $52.00 plus postage.


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