INSULT TOOLBOX Abbey Withey (2012)

Phoenix artist and graphic designer, Abbey Withey, created this humorous book in 2012. It is set up as a handy quick-reference book when one needs a pithy and sometimes raunchy epithet to hurl at an adversary. The flap-style book allows for thousands of combinations, many hilarious. It has been called a practical go-to book about what to say when confronting a situation that requires a strong and immediate verbal response. On the back of some of the flaps, some real life situations are listed that require responses. Warning: this book does have some explicit language.


The book was published in a numbered edition of 100. The size is 3.25" x 7", has 100 pages, and is in a hand-bound double spiral binding, glued into a paper folder wrap with a metallic silver foil title. $40 from here.