TROPHY Philip Zimmermann (2018)


TROPHY is a reaction to the current social and political state of the United States of America and the criminal and immoral administration that currently wields power in our country. Although superficially the subject matter is the cruelty of the Trump sons, their activities are an indicator of the worldview of the morally bankrupt family and administration of Donald J. Trump. The photographs of the animal dioramas and fur details were taken at the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson, AZ. The big-game trophy photographs of Donald J. Trump Jr. and Erik Trump were obtained from the internet, presumably Trump family travel and safari photographs, and have no photographer attribution.


This book is dedicated to my teacher, mentor, and friend, Keith Smith, and was created to honor the occasion of his 80th birthday on May 20, 2018.


This edition was printed in an edition of fifty and they are signed and numbered. The inside text block and cover were printed by HP Indigo digital printing on archival Mohawk Superfine. The Ex Libris book plate in the front, and the accordion 'arsenal' section at the rear of the book, were printed by archival inkjet pigment on acid-free French Paper Co. paper. The book dimensions are 7" x 7" x 5/8" (17.75cm x 17.75cm x 1.5cm). The book has 68 pages, and is hardcover bound, and is priced at $125.


Available from the author or from Vamp & Tramp Booksellers, 1951 Hoover Court, Suite 205; Birmingham, AL 35226-3606; Phone: (205) 824-2300

Only a few of the two-page spreads are shown at right.

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